to swim or float to (acc.), in uncertain reading as aor. upaplaviṃ at Snp.1145 (dīpā dīpaṃ upaplaviṃ floated from land to land vv.ll. at Snp-a.606 uppalaviṃ & upallaviṃ; all MSS. of Cnd.p.54 & no. 160 write upallaviṃ). Perhaps we should better read; uppalaviṃ (or upallaviṃ) as diaeretic form for *upplaviṃ, aor. of uppilavati (or uplavati), q. v Expld. at Cnd.160 by samupallaviṃ.

upa + plavati, cp. uppilavati