connection, combination; employment, application Ja.vi.432 (nagare upayogaṃ netvā for use in the town? variant reading upabhogaṃ). Usually in cpd -vacana as tt. g. meaning either combined or condensed expression, ellipsis Snp-a.386; Kp-a.236; Pv-a.73, Pv-a.135 or the acc. case, which is frequently substituted for the foll. cases: sāmi-vacana Snp-a.127; Pv-a.102; bhumma Snp-a.140; Kp-a.116; karaṇa˚ Snp-a.148; sampadāna˚ Ja.v.214; Snp-a.317; itthambhūta˚ Snp-a.441; nissakka˚ Ja.v.498.

fr. upa + yuj