to ridicule, mock, to deride, make fun of Vin.i.216, Vin.i.272, Vin.i.293; Vin.iv.278; AN.iii.91 = Pp.67 (ūhasati ullapati +); Ja.v.288 Ja.v.300; Dhp-a.ii.29; Dhp-a.iii.41; Pv-a.175 (avamaññati +). Note. The BSk. utprāsayati at Divy.17 represents the P uppaṇḍeti & must somehow be a corruption of the latter (vv.ll. at Divy.17 are utprāśayati, utprāṇayati & utprāśrayati).

ut + paṇḍ, of uncertain origin