1. to give rise to, to produce, put forth, show, evince, make DN.i.135 MN.i.162, MN.i.185; Pp.25; Pv-a.4, Pv-a.16, Pv-a.19, Pv-a.59; Sdhp.539 cittaṃ u. to give a (temporary) thought to (with loc. Ja.i.81; Mil.85; Dhp-a.ii.89; Pv-a.3.
  2. to get, obtain find Ja.iv.2; Mil.140; Dhp-a.i.90; Pv-a.121.
  3. in lohitaṃ u. to draw (blood) Mil.214.

Caus. of uppajjati, ud + pad