1. (lit.) that (material) substratum by means of which an active process is kept alive or going), fuel, supply, provision; adj. (-˚) supported by, drawing one’s existence from SN.i.69; SN.ii.85 (aggikkhandho ˚assa pariyādānā by means of taking up fuel); SN.v.284 (vāt˚); Ja.iii.342 sa-upādāna (adj.) provided with fuel SN.iv.399; anupādāna without fuel Dhp-a.ii.163.
  2. (appld.) “drawing upon”, grasping, holding on, grip attachment; adj. (-˚) finding one’s support by or in clinging to, taking up, nourished by. See on term Dhs trsln. 323 & Cpd. 171. They are classified as 4 upādānāni or four Graspings viz. kām˚, diṭṭh˚, sīlabbat˚, attavād or the graspings arising from sense-desires, speculation belief in rites, belief in the soul-theory DN.ii.58; DN.iii.230; MN.i.51, MN.i.66; SN.ii.3; SN.v.59; Dhs.1213; Pts.i.129; Pts.ii.46 Pts.ii.47; Vb.375; Ne.48; Vism.569
    ■ For upādāna in var. connections see the foll. passages: DN.i.25; DN.ii.31, DN.ii.33 DN.ii.56; DN.iii.278; MN.i.66, MN.i.136 (attavād˚) MN.i.266; SN.ii.14, SN.ii.17, SN.ii.30 SN.ii.85; SN.iii.10, SN.iii.13 sq., SN.iii.101, SN.iii.135, SN.iii.167, SN.iii.191; SN.iv.32, SN.iv.87 sq. SN.iv.102 (tannissitaṃ viññāṇaṃ tadupādānaṃ), SN.iv.390, SN.iv.400 (taṇhā); AN.iv.69; AN.v.111 (upāy˚); Snp.170, Snp.358, Snp.546; Pts.i.51 sq., Pts.i.193; Pts.ii.45 sq, Pts.ii.113; Vb.18, Vb.30, Vb.67, Vb.79, Vb.119 Vb.132; Dhs.1059, Dhs.1136, Dhs.1213, Dhs.1536 sq.; Ne.28 sq., Ne.41 sq., Ne.114 sq.; Dhp-a.iv.194
    sa˚; full of attachment (to life) MN.i.65; Vin.iii.111; SN.iv.102; an˚; unattached, not showing attachment to existence SN.iv.399; Vin.iii.111 Thag.840; Mil.32; DN-a.i.98.
  • -kkhandha, usually as pañc’ upādāna-kkhandhā the factors of the “fivefold clinging to existence” [cp. BSk pañc’ u˚-skandhāḥ Avs.ii.168#2 & note] DN.ii.35, DN.ii.301 sq.; DN.iii.223, DN.iii.286; MN.i.61, MN.i.144, MN.i.185; MN.iii.15, MN.iii.30, MN.iii.114, MN.iii.295; Pts.ii.109 sq.; Vb.101; Vism.505 (khandha-pañcaka) See for detail khandha ii.B 2.
  • -kkhaya extinction or disappearance of attachment SN.ii.54; AN.iii.376 sq.; Snp.475, Snp.743; Iti.75.
  • -nidāna the ground of upādāna; adj founded on or caused by attachment Pts.ii.111; Vb.135 sq
  • -nirodha destruction of “grasping” Vin.i.1 (in formula of paṭicca-samuppāda); SN.ii.7; SN.iii.14; AN.i.177.
  • -paccaya = ˚nidāna SN.ii.5; SN.iii.94; Snp.507, Snp.742.

fr. upa + ā +