adjective large, bulky, immense; great big, strong. Only in one stock phrase “nāgo isādanto urūḷhavo” Vv.20#9, Vv.43#9 ; Ja.vi.488; of which variant n. ī ubbuḷhavā MN.i.414 = MN.i.450. The word is expld. at Ja.vi.488 by “ubbāhana-samattha”; at Vv-a.104 (pl. urṳ̄ḷhavā) by “thāmajava-parakkamehi byūhanto (variant reading brahmanto) mahantaṃ yuddha-kiccaṃ vahituṃ samatthā ti attho”. The BSk. udviddha (Divy.7) may possibly be a corruption of ubbūḷha.

doubtful, prob. for urūḷhavant, with affix vant to a pp. formed with ud˚. The word is taken by Kern,


s. v. as ud-ūḷha of vah (with d for r). The well accredited (and older) variant ubbuḷhavā is expld. (see Kern, s. v.) as pp. of ud + bṛh2, cp. upabrūhana Perhaps we have to consider this as the legitimate form urūḷhava as its corruption. Morris, J.P.T.S. 1887, 141 takes urūḷhavā as ud + rūḷha, pp. of ruh (with r. for rr = dr), thus “overgrown”