adjective “ut-most”, highest, greatest, best Snp.1054 (dhammaṃ uttamaṃ the highest ideal = Nibbāna for which seṭṭhan Snp.1064; cp. Cnd.317); Dhp.56; Mnd.211; Cnd.502 (in paraphrase of mahā combd. with pavara) Kp-a.124; Dhp-a.i.430: Pv-a.1, Pv-a.50
■ dum-uttama a splendid tree Vv.39#3; nar˚ the best of men Snp.1021 (narāsabha of Snp.996); pur˚ the most magnificent town Snp.1012; puris˚ the noblest man Thag.629, Thag.1084; nt. uttamaṃ the highest ideal, i.e. Arahantship Ja.i.96.

  • -aṅga the best or most important limb or part of the body, viz.

    1. the head Vin.ii.256 = MN.i.32 = AN.iv.278 (in phrase uttamange sirasmiṃ); Ja.ii.163; also in cpd ˚bhūta the hair of the head Thig.253 (= kesa-kalāpa Thag-a.209, Thag-a.210) & ˚ruha id. Ja.i.138 = Ja.vi.96 (= kesā C.)
    2. the eye Ja.iv.403.
    3. the penis Ja.v.197.
  • -attha the highest gain or good (i.e. Arahantship Snp-a.332) Snp.324; Dhp.386, Dhp.403; Dhp-a.iv.142; Thag-a.160.

  • -adhama most contemptible Ja.v.394, Ja.v.437.

  • -guṇā (pl.) loftiest virtues Ja.i.96.

  • -purisa Iti.97 & -porisa the greatest man (= mahāpurisa) Dhp.97 (see Dhp-a.ii.188).

  • -bhāva the highest condition, state or place Dhp-a.ii.188 (˚ṃ patto = puris’ uttamo).

superl. of ud˚, to which compar. is uttara. See etym. under ud˚