Uttari (˚-) & Uttariṃ

adverb out, over, beyond; additional moreover, further, besides

  1. uttariṃ: DN.i.71; MN.i.83 MN.iii.148; SN.iv.15; Snp.796 (uttariṃ kurute = uttariṃ karoti Cnd.102, i.e. to do more than anything, to do best, to esteem especially); Ja.ii.23; Ja.iii.324; Mil.10 (ito uttariṃ anything beyond this, any more) Dhp-a.iv.109 (bhaveti to cultivate especially; see vuttari); Vv-a.152
    ■ uttariṃ appaṭivijjhanto not going further in comprehension, i.e. reaching the highest degree of comprehension, Vism.314 referring to Pts.ii.131, which is quoted at Mil.198, as the last of the 11 blessings of mettā
  2. uttari˚; in foll. compounds
    • -karaṇīya an additional duty, higher obligation SN.ii.99; SN.iii.168; AN.v.157 = AN.v.164; Iti.118.
    • -bhaṅga an extra portion, tit-bit, dainties, additional or after-meal bits Vin.ii.214; Vin.iii.160; Vin.iv.259; Ja.ii.419; Dhp-a.i.214 sa-uttaribhanga together with dainty bits Ja.i.186, cp. Ja.i.196 (yāgu)
    • -bhaṅgika serving as dainties Ja.i.196.
    • -manussa beyond the power of men, superhuman, in cpd. ˚dhamma an order which is above man, extraordinary condition, transcendental norm, adj. of a transcendental character, miraculous overwhelming Vin.i.209; Vin.ii.112; Vin.iii.105; Vin.iv.24; DN.i.211; DN.iii.3, DN.iii.12, DN.iii.18; MN.i.68; MN.ii.200; SN.iv.290, SN.iv.300 SN.iv.337; AN.iii.430; AN.v.88; Dhp-a.iii.480.
    • -sāṭaka a further i.e. upper or outer garment, cloak, mantle Ja.ii.246; Dhp-a.iv.200; Pv-a.48, Pv-a.49 (= uttarīyaṃ).

compn. form of uttara, cp. angi-bhūta uttāni-karoti etc.