striking, killing; slaughter, destruction, execution DN.iii.176; AN.ii.113; Pp.58; Ja.ii.347; Mil.419 (˚kata); Dhp-a.i.69 (pāṇa˚ + pāṇa-ghāta), Dhp-a.i.80, Dhp-a.i.296; Dhp-a.ii.39; Vb-a.382
vadhaṃ dadāti to flog Ja.iv.382- atta˚; self-destruction SN.ii.241; piti˚; parricide DN-a.i.153; miga˚; hunting Ja.i.149.

  • -bandhana flogging and binding (imprisoning). In this connection vadh is given as a separate root at Dhtp.172 & Dhtp.384 in meaning “bandhana.” See AN.ii.209 AN.v.206; Snp.242 (vadha-cheda-bandhana; v. is explained at Snp-a.285 as “sattānaṃ daṇḍ’ ādīhi ākoṭanan” i.e. beating), Snp.623 (= poṭhana Snp-a.467); Ja.i.435; Ja.iv.11 Vb-a.97.

fr. vadh