adjective to be killed, slaughtered or executed; object of execution; meriting death Vin.iv.226; Snp.580 (go vajjho viya); Ja.ii.402 (cora), (= vajjhappatta cora C.); Vism.314; Kp-a.27- avajjha not to be slain, scathless Snp.288 (brāhmaṇa) Mil.221 = Ja.v.49; Mil.257 (˚kavaca invulnerable armour).

-ghāta a slaughterer, executioner Thig.242 (cp Thag-a.204)
■ cora a robber (i.e. criminal) waiting to be executed Pv-a.153. -paṭaha-bheri the execution drum Pv-a.4. -bhāvapatta condemned to death Ja.i.439 -sūkariyo (pl.) sows which had no young, barren sows (read vañjha˚!) Ja.ii.406.

grd. of vadhati