wrinkled AN.i.138 (acc. khaṇḍadantaṃ palita-kesaṃ vilūnaṃ khalitaṃ siro-valitaṃ tilak’āhata-gattaṃ: cp. valin with passage MN.i.88 MN.iii.180, one of the two evidehtly misread); Pv-a.56, Pv-a.153 In compound with taca contracted to valittaca (for valitattaca) “with wrinkled skin” Dhp-a.ii.190 (phalitakesa +); with abstr. valittacatā the fact of having a wrinkled skin MN.i.49 (pālicca + ; cp. MN-a.215); AN.ii.196 (khaṇḍicca pālicca +).

pp. of val: see valeti