1. vomited, or one who has vomited Mil.214; Pv-a.80. As nt. vomit at Vin.i.303.
  2. (fig.) given up, thrown up, left behind, renounced MN.i.37 (+ catta, mutta & pahīna). Cp. BSk. vāntī-bhāva, syn with prahāna Avs.ii.188.
  • -āda refuse-feeder, crow Ja.ii.439.
  • -āsa one who has given up all wishes, an Arahant Dhp.97 (= sabbā āsā iminā vantā Dhp-a.i.187).
  • -āsika eating what has been vomited, a certain class of Petas Mil.294.
  • -kasāva one who has left behind all fault Dhp.10 (= chaḍḍita˚ Dhp-a.i.82).
  • -gamana at Vism.210 = DN-a.i.34 read either as v’ antagamana or c’ anta˚.
  • -mala stainless Dhp.261
  • -lokāmisa renouncing worldly profit Dhp.378.

pp. of vamati