to speak, say, call;
pres not found (for which vadati);
fut 1st sg. vakkhāmi Ja.i.346 3rd vakkhati SN.i.142; Ja.i.356; Ja.ii.40;; Vb-a.51 1st pl. vakkhāma SN.iv.72; MN.iii.207; Vism.170, Vism.446 3rd vakkhanti Vin.ii.1;
p fut vakkhamāna Pv-a.18 ■
aor 1st sg. avacaṃ Ja.iii.280; Dhp-a.iii.194, & avocaṃ Thig.124; Vv.79#7; SN.i.10; Dhp-a.iii.285; 2nd avaca Thig.415, avoca Dhp.133, & avacāsi Vv.35#7; Vv.53#9; 3rd avaca Ja.i.294; Pv.ii.3#19; Pv-a.65 (mā a.); avoca Thig.494; SN.i.150; Snp.p.78; Ja.ii.160; Pv-a.6, Pv-a.31, Pv-a.49; avacāsi; 1st pl. avacumha & avocumha; MN.ii.91; MN.iii.15; 2nd avacuttha Vin.i.75 (mā a.); Vin.ii.297; Ja.ii.48; Dhp-a.i.73; Dhp-a.iv.228, & avocuttha Ja.i.176; Mil.9 3rd pl. avacuṃ Ja.v.260, & avocuṃ MN.ii.147
inf vattuṃ Snp.431;; Vism.522 = Vb-a.130 (vattukāma); Snp-a.414; DN-a.i.109; Dhp-a.i.329; Dhp-a.ii.5
ger vatvā Snp-a.398; Pv-a.68, Pv-a.73, & vatvāna Snp.p.78.
grd vattabba Mil.276 (kiṃ vattabbaṃ what is there to be said about it? i.e. it goes without saying); Snp-a.123 Snp-a.174, Snp-a.178; Pv-a.12, Pv-a.27, Pv-a.92
ppr med vuccamāna Vin.i.60; Vin.iii.221; Pv-a.13
pass vuccati DN.i.168, DN.i.245; Dhp.63; Mhvs.9, Mhvs.9; Mhvs.34, Mhvs.81 (vuccate, variant reading uccate); Ja.i.129 (vuccare, 3rd pl.); Pv-a.24, Pv-a.34, Pv-a.63, Pv-a.76
pp vutta (q.v.)
caus vāceti to make speak, i.e. to read out to cause to read; also to teach, to instruct Snp.1018 Snp.1020; Ja.i.452 (read); Pv-a.97
pp vācita (q.v.).
desid vavakkhati (see Geiger, P.Gr. § 184 = Sk. vivakṣati) to wish to call DN.ii.256.

Vedic vakti, vac