sort of toy: Rh. D. “toyplough” (Dial. i.10); Kern “miniature fish-hook (


s. v.). Rh. D. derives it fr. Sk. vṛka (see P vaka1). Bdhgh at DN-a.i.86 takes it as “toy-plough. See DN.i.6; Vin.ii.10 (variant reading vangaka & vankata); Vin.iii.180 (variant reading cangaka); AN.v.203 (T. vanka; variant reading vankaka); Mil.229. At Thag-a.15 vaṅkaka is used in general meaning of “something crooked” (to explain Thig.11 khujja) which is specified at Thag.43 as sickle, plough and spade.

fr. vanka