indeclinable part. of affirmation, emphasizing the preceding word: indeed, truly Vin.i.3 (etaṃ ve sukhaṃ); Dhp.63 (sa ve bāḷo ti vuccati), Dhp.83 (sabbattha ve), Dhp.163 (yaṃ ve… taṃ ve); Snp.1050 Snp.1075, Snp.1082; Dhp-a.iii.155 (= yeva). See also have.

cp. Vedic vē, vai


may be enclitic form of tumhe, for the usual vo at Snp.333 (= tumhākaṃ Snp-a.339). See P.T.S. ed. of Sn; cp variant reading ve for vo at Snp.560 (here as particle!).


is the guṇa (increment) form of vi˚; found in many secondary (mostly f. & nt. abstr.) derivations from words with; vi˚; e.g. vekalla, vecikicchin, veneyya, vepulla vematta, vevicchā, veramaṇī, which Bdhgh explains simply as “vi-kārassa ve-kāraṃ katvā veramaṇī” Kp-a.24. Cp. veyy˚.