Name of one of the 9 angas (see nava) or divisions of the Canon according to matter AN.ii.7, AN.ii.103, AN.ii.178; AN.iii.88, AN.iii.107, AN.iii.361 sq.; AN.iv.113; Vin.iii.8 Pp.43; Dhs-a.26; DN-a.i.24; Pv-a.22. The Dhs-a comprises under this aṅga the 2 suttas so-called in M (43, 44), the Sammādiṭṭhi, Sakkapañha, Sankhārābhājaniya Mahāpuṇṇama etc. Suttas, as catechetical Dhs-a.26 = DN-a.i.24
Note. The 2nd part of the word looks like a distortion fr. ariya (cp. mahalla → mah ariya). Or might it be = vedanga?

may be dialectical, obscure as to origin; Bdhgh refers it to Veda 1