1. time, point of time (often equal to; kāla Pp.13 (uḍḍahana˚); Ja.iv.294; Mil.87; Kp-a.181 Pp-a 187; Snp-a.111 (bhatta˚ meal-time); Dhs-a.219; Pv-a.61, Pv-a.104, Pv-a.109 (aruṇ’ uggamana˚), Pv-a.129, Pv-a.155; Vv-a.165 (paccūsa˚ in the early morning).
  2. shore, sea-shore Vin.ii.237 = AN.iv.198; Ja.i.212; Mhvs.19, Mhvs.30.
  3. limit boundary AN.v.250 (between v. & agyāgāra); Thag.762; Mil.358; Dhs-a.219; in spec. sense as “measure, restriction, control (of character, sīla-velā) at Dhs.299 (“not to trespass” translation), and in dogmatic exegesis of ativelaṃ at Mnd.504; cp. Cnd.462 & Dhs-a.219.
  4. heap, multitude (?) Dhs-a.219 (in Npl. Uruvelā which is however *Uruvilvā).

Vedic velā in meaning 1; Epic Sanskrit in meanings 2 & 3