(the Buddha’s or an Arahant’s) perfect selfconfidence (which is of 4 kinds), self-satisfaction, subject of confidence. The four are given in full at MN.i.71 sq. viz. highest knowledge, khīṇāsava state, recognition of the obstacles, recognition & preaching of the way to salvation. See also DN.i.110; Ja.ii.27; AN.ii.13; AN.iii.297 sq. AN.iv.83, AN.iv.210, AN.iv.213; MN.i.380; Pts.ii.194; Cnd.466#b; Dhp-a.i.86; DN-a.i.278; Kp-a.104; Vv-a.213; Sdhp.593.

abstr. formation fr. visārada, i.e. *vaiśāradya