roaming, straying; strayed, confused MN.i.171 (padhāna˚ giving up exertion), 247 (identical). Usually in phrase -citta with wandering (or confused) mind SN.i.61 ‣See explanation of Commentary at

Kindred Sayings

i.321 204; iii.93; v.269 AN.i.70 AN.ii.30 AN.iii.391 Iti.90 Ja.iv.459 (+ kupit’ indriya) Mil.324
■ At Dhs-a.260 we find the cpd. vibbhanti-bhāva [vibbhanta in compound with bhu! ] of citta, in meaning “wavering, roaming (of mind): so read for vibhatti-bhāva.

pp. of vibbhamati