1. division, distinction, classification, detail, variety (of paintings); Ne.1 sq., Ne.105; Mil.102, Mil.381; Vism.352 (contrasted with sankhepa); Pv-a.199, Pv-a.282 (rūpa˚ various forms, patterns)
  2. (t. t. g.) inflection of nouns & verbs, declensions conjugation Snp-a.397; Vv-a.78, Vv-a.199. -lopa omission of inflection Vv-a.174, Vv-a.192; Pv-a.147
    Note. vibhattibhāva at Dhs-a.260 is to be read as vibbhanti˚; (see under vibbhanta).

fr. vibhajati