(adj. (-˚) of a kind, consisting of, -fold, e.g. aneka˚; manifold DN-a.i.103; tathā˚; of such-kind such-like Snp.772; ti˚; threefold DN.i.134; Snp.509; nānā˚ various Pv-a.53, Pv-a.96, Pv-a.113; bahu˚; manifold Thag-a.197; etc.

= vidhā


form, kind Thag.428 (māna˚)
■ There are several other meanings of vidha, which are however, uncertain & rest on doubtful readings. Thus it occurs at Vin.ii.136 in meaning of “buckle” (variant reading pīṭha; C. silent); at Vin.iv.168 in meaning “little box (?); at DN-a.i.269 as “carrying pole” (= kāca2, but text DN.i.101 has “vividha”).

= vidha1 as noun