-eti (trs.) to destroy, ruin; do away with, scatter
■ (intrs.) to drop off, fall away, to be scattered, to roll or whirl about. Both vidhamati & ˚eti; are used indiscriminately although the Caus. -eti occurs mostly in meaning of “destroy.”

  1. vidhamati: SN.iii.190; Ja.i.284 (in play of words with dhamati to blow; aor. vidhami = viddhaṃsesi C.); (vidhamaṃ te raṭṭhaṃ, is ruined) Mil.91, Mil.226 (Mārasenaṃ), Mil.237, Mil.337 (intrs., with vikirati & viddhaṃsati)
  2. vidhameti: Mnd.5; Ja.iii.261 (poet. vidhamemasi [write ˚se!] = vidhamema, nāsema C.); Ja.v.309; Mil.39; Pv-a.168

pp vidhamita.

vi + dhmā in particular meaning of blowing i.e. driving asunder, cp. dhamati