˚- gone away, disappeared, ceased; having lost or foregone (for-gone = vi-gata), deprived of, being without; often to be trsld simply as prep. “without. It nearly always occurs in compound, where it precedes the noun. By itself rare, e.g. Snp.483 (sārambhā yassa vigatā); Vv-a.33 (padumā mā vigatā hotu). Otherwise as follows: -āsa Pp.27; -āsava Snp-a.51; -icchā Dhp.359; -khila Snp.19; -cāpalla DN.i.115; DN-a.i.286; -chavivaṇṇa Thag-a.80 (= vivaṇṇa); -jīvita Pv-a.40; -paccaya Vism.541; Tikp.7, Kp.21, Kp.59; -paṭighāta Dhp-a.iv.176 -mada Mhvs.34, Mhvs.94; -raja Snp.517; Ja.i.117; -valita Pv-a.153. Cp. vīta˚; in similar application and meaning.

pp. of vigacchati, in act. (reflexive) & medpass. function