looking, reflection, investigation, prognostication usually as 5 objects of reflection as to when & where & how one shall be reborn (pañca-mahā-˚āni), consisting in kāla, desa, dīpa, kula, mātā (the latter as janetti-āyu i.e. mother and her time of delivery at Ja.i.48) or time (right or wrong), continent, sky (orientation), family (or clan) and one’s (future) mother: Ja.i.48, Ja.i.49; Dhp-a.i.84; as 8 at Mil.193, viz. kāla, dīpa, desa, kula, janetti āyu, māsa, nekkhamma (i.e. the 5 + period of gestation month of his birthday, and his renunciation). Without special meaning at DN-a.i.194 (ālokana +). Cp. volokana.

vi + lok (loc = roc), see loka & rocati