adjective only in f -a: slender (of waist); the expln with vilagga may refer to a comparison with a creeper (cp. vilambin & Ja.v.215 as “hanging” (“climbing”) i.e. slim, but seems forced See also virāgita which is explained in the same way. The word is peculiar to the “Jātaka” style
■ Ja.iv.19 (= suṭṭhu- vilaggita -tanu-majjhā); Ja.v.155 (+ mudukā; C explains as sankhitta-majjhā), Ja.v.215 (˚majjhā = vilaggasarīrā C.), Ja.v.506 (velli-vilāka-majjhā = vilagga-majjhā tanu-dīgha-majjhā C.); Vv-a.280 (˚majjhā for sumajjhimā of Vv.64#13; T. reads vilāta˚;).

perhaps = vilagga (Geiger, P.Gr. § 612), although difficult to connect in meaning