to be released, to be free (of passion), to be emancipated MN.i.352; SN.ii.94, SN.ii.124; SN.iii.46, SN.iii.189; SN.iv.86; SN.v.218; AN.iv.126 sq. AN.iv.135, AN.iv.179; Snp.755; Pp.61, Pp.68; Sdhp.613
aor 3rd pl. vimucciṃsu Snp.p.149
pp vimutta. See also (an)upādā & (an)upādāya;
caus vimoceti to cause to be released or emancipated, to set free AN.ii.196 (cittaṃ); Vin.iii.70 (id.)
grd vimocanīya AN.ii.196.

vi + muccati, Pass. of muñcati