(or -bhuñjati)

  1. [to bhuj, to bend, as in bhuja1 & nibbhujati] to turn inside out Thig.471.
  2. [to bhuj or bhuñj as in bhuñjati2 and paribhuñjati2] to separate, cut off, remove MN.i.233; SN.iii.141; SN.iv.168 (spells wrongly jj).
  3. [id.] to cleanse fig. to sift out thoroughly, to distinguish, discriminate MN.i.292; Ja.v.121 (avinibbhujaṃ, ppr.); Mil.63 (doubled) Vism.438 (spelling wrongly jj); Dhs-a.311

pp vinibbhutta.

vi + ni + bhujati