adjective free from defilement or passion, stainless, faultless Vin.i.294 (āgamma maggaṃ virajaṃ) Snp.139, Snp.520, Snp.636, Snp.1105 (see exegesis at Cnd.590); Pv.iii.3#6 (= vigata-raja, niddosa Pv-a.189); Dhp-a.iv.142 Dhp-a.iv.187; DN-a.i.237. Often in phrase virajaṃ vītamalaṃ dhamma-cakkhuṃ udapādi “there arose in him the stainless eye of the Arahant,” e.g. Vin.i.16; SN.iv.47- virajaṃ (+ asokaṃ) padaṃ “the stainless (+ painless element” is another expression for Nibbāna, e.g. SN.iv.210; AN.iv.157, AN.iv.160; Iti.37, Iti.46; Vv.16#9; similarly ṭhānaṃ (for padaṃ) Pv.ii.3#33 (= sagga Pv-a.89).

vi + rajo