hindered, obstructed, disturbed SN.i.236; Snp.248, Snp.630; Mnd.239; Mil.99, Mil.310; Ja.i.97
■ Often neg. a˚ unobstructed, free SN.i.236 SN.iv.71; AN.iii.276 (˚ka); Dhp.406; Snp.365, Snp.704, Snp.854; Vb-a.148 = Vism.543.

  • -gabbha-karaṇa (using charms for) procuring abortion DN.i.11; DN-a.i.96 (explained here as first trying to destroy the foetus and afterwards giving medicine for its preservation) ‣See also viruta

pp. of virundhati