noise, sound (of animals), cry Snp.927; explained as “virudaṃ [spelling with d, like ruda for ruta] vuccati-miga-cakkaṃ; miga-cakka-pāthakā [i.e. experts in the ways of animals; knowers of auspices migacakkaṃ ādisanti” at Mnd.382; and as “mig’ ādīnaṃ vassitaṃ” at Snp-a.564. The passage is a little doubtful when we compare the expression viruṭañ ca gabbhakaraṇaṃ at Snp.927 with the passage viruddha-gabbhakaraṇaṃ at DN.i.11 (cp. DN-a.i.96), which seems more original.

vi + ruta