clinging to, adhering, attachment (to = loc.), sinful bent, lust, desire-It is almost invariably found as a syn. of taṇhā. P Commentators explain it with ref. either to visaṭa (diffused), or to visa (poison). These are of course only exegetical edifying etymologies. Cp. Dhs. translation § 1059 Expositor ii.468: Brethren 213 n. 3, K.S. i.2, n. 6, and the varied exegesis of the term in the Niddesas. SN.i.1, SN.i.24, SN.i.35, SN.i.107, SN.i.110; AN.ii.211; AN.iv.434; Snp.333, Snp.768 Snp.857, Snp.1053 sq.; Thag.519; Mnd.8 sq., Mnd.247; Cnd.598; Dhp-a.iii.198; Dhp-a.iv.43; Dhs-a.364; Ne.24; Dhs.1059.

visatta + ikā, abstr. formation