1. The pres. vissajjati is not in use. The only forms of the simple verb system are the foll.:
    ger vissajja, usually written visajja, in meaning “setting free,” giving up, leaving behind Snp.522 Snp.794 Snp.912 Snp.1060 Nd1.98 Cnd.596
    grd vissajjaniya [perhaps better to vissajjeti1] to be answered, answerable;
    ■ nt. a reply Ne.161, Ne.175 sq. Ne.191; and vissajjiya to be given away: see under *a*˚.
    pp vissaṭṭha
  2. Very frequent is the Caus. vissajjeti (also occasionally as visajj˚) in var. meanings, based on the idea of sending forth or away, viz. to emit, discharge Ja.i.164 (uccāra-passāvaṃ)
    ■ to send Mhvs.8 Mhvs.3 (lekaṃ visajjayi)
    ■ to dismiss Pv-a.81 (there)
    ■ to let loose Pv-a.74 (rathaṃ)
    ■ to spend, give away, bestow, hand over Pp.26 (visajj˚); Mnd.262 (dhanaṃ); Mil.41 (dhaññaṃ); Pv-a.111, Pv-a.119
    ■ to get rid of Ja.i.134 (muddikaṃ)
    ■ to answer (questions), to reply, retort Snp.1005 (˚essati, fut.); Vv-a.71; Pv-a.15, Pv-a.59, Pv-a.87
    pp vissajjita
    caus 2 vissajjāpeti (in meanings of vissajjeti Ja.iv.2 (hatthaṃ = to push away); Mil.143; Mhvs.6, Mhvs.43.

vi + sajjati, of sṛj. The ss after analogy of ussajjati & nissajjati, cp. ossajjati for osajjati