1. let loose; sent (out); released, dismissed; thrown; given out Mhvs.10, Mhvs.68; Ja.i.370; Ja.iii.373; Pv-a.46, Pv-a.64, Pv-a.123, Pv-a.174.
  2. (of the voice.) distinct, well enunciated DN.i.114 (= apalibuddha, i.e. unobstructed; sandiddha-vilambit’ ādi dosa-rahita DN-a.i.282); DN.ii.211; AN.ii.51; AN.iii.114; SN.i.189; (here as vissattha -vacana).
  3. vissaṭṭha at Ja.iv.219 in phrase -indriya means something like “strong,” distinguished. The variant reading visatta˚; suggests a probable visaṭa˚; it may on the other hand be a corruption of visiṭṭha˚.

pp. of vissajjati