restless motion, wriggling, twisting, twitching (better than “show, although connection with sūc would give meaning “indication, show”), almost synonymous with vipphandita. Usually in cpd. diṭṭhi˚; scuffling or wriggling of opinion, wrong views, heresy MN.i.8, MN.i.486; Snp.55 (cp Cnd.301); Pv.iv.1#37.

  • -dassana visiting shows (as fairs) DN.i.5 (cp. DN-a.i.77 “visūkaṃ paṭani-bhūtaṃ dassanaṃ,” reading not clear) AN.i.212; AN.ii.209; Pp.58.

perhaps to sūc, sūcayati