1. (relative) achievement, perfection (in this world), accomplishment MN.ii.211 (diṭṭhadhamm’ âbhiññāvosāna-pārami-ppatta); Dhp.423 (cp Dhp-a.iv.233); Thag.784 (˚ṃ adhigacchati to reach perfection).

  2. stopping, ceasing; in phrase -ṃ āpajjati (almost equal to pamāda) to come to an end (with), to stop, to become careless, to flag MN.i.193; Ja.iii.5; Pv-a.29; antarā ˚ṃ āpajjati to produce half-way achievement, to stop half-way AN.v.157, AN.v.164; Iti.85. Kern,


    s.v. quite wrong “to arrive at a conclusion, to be convinced.”

v(i) + osāna