Vuṭṭhahati & vuṭṭhāti

  1. to rise, arise; to be produced Vin.ii.278 (gabbha).
  2. to rise out of (abl.), to emerge from, to come back SN.iv.294; Vism.661 (vuṭṭhāti)

pp vuṭṭhita
caus vuṭṭhāpeti 1 to ordain, rehabilitate Vin.iv.226, Vin.iv.317 sq. (= upasampādeti). 2 to rouse out of (abl.), to turn away from AN.iii.115.

the sandhi form of uṭṭhahati (q.v.), with euphonic v, which however appears in BSk. as vyut˚ (i.e. vi + ud˚); vyuttisṭhate “to come back from sea” Divy.35, and freq. in Avs, e.g. i.242