is the semi-vowel (i.e. half-consonantic) form of vi˚; before following a & ā (vya˚, vyā), very rarely ū & o; The prefix vi˚ is very unstable, and a variety of forms are also attached to vy˚, which, after the manner of all consonant-combinations in Pāḷi, may apart from its regular form vy˚; appear either as contracted to vv˚; (written ;) like vagga (for vyagga), vaya (for vyaya), vosita (= vyosita), *vvūha (= vyūha, appearing as ˚bhūha), or diaeretic as viy˚; (in poetry) or veyy˚; (popular), e.g. viyañjana, viyārambha, viyāyata; or veyvañjanika veyyākaraṇa, veyyāyika. It further appears as by˚ (like byaggha, byañjana, byappatha, byamha, byāpanna byābādha etc.). In a few cases vya˚; represents (a diaeretic) vi˚; as in vyamhita & vyasanna; and vyā˚; = vi˚ in vyārosa.