adj. nt. removed, remote; nt. end, finish; only as vyanti˚; in combination with kṛ; and bhū. The spelling is often byanti˚

  1. vyantikaroti to abolish remove, get rid of, destroy MN.i.115 (byant’ eva ekāsiṃ), MN.i.453 (by˚); DN.i.71 (˚kareyya); SN.iv.76, SN.iv.190; AN.iv.195; DN-a.i.125, DN-a.i.212
    fut vyantikāhiti Mil.391 (by˚) Dhp-a.iv.69
    pp vyantikata Thag.526
  2. vyantibhavati to cease, stop; to come to an end, to be destroyed Kv.597 (by˚); or ˚hoti AN.i.141; AN.iii.74; Pts.i.171 (by˚) Mil.67 (by˚), vyantibhāva destruction, annihilation MN.i.93; AN.v.292, AN.v.297 sq.; Pv.iv.1#73; Kv.544 (by˚) vyantibhuta come to an end Ja.v.4.

vi + anta