adjective (-˚) speaking (of), saying, asserting, talking; professing, holding a view or doctrine; arguing. Abs. only at AN.ii.138 (cattāro vādī four kinds of disputants); Snp.382 (ye vā pi c’aññe vādino professing their view). Otherwise-˚, e.g. in agga˚; “teacher of things supreme” Thag.1142; uccheda˚; professing the doctrine of annihilation Ne.111 (see uccheda); kāla˚; bhūta˚ attha˚; etc. speaking in time, the truth & good etc. DN.i.4, DN.i.165; AN.i.202; AN.v.205, AN.v.265, AN.v.328; caṇḍāla˚ uttering the word C. Mhvs.5, Mhvs.60; tathā˚; speaking thus consistent or true speaker DN.iii.135; Snp.430; dhamma˚ professing the true doctrine SN.iii.138; in combination with vinaya-vādin as much as “orthodox” Vin.iii.175 mahā˚; a great doctrinaire or scholar Snp-a.540; yatha˚; cp tathā˚-; sacca˚; speaking the truth AN.ii.212; the Buddha so-called Thig.252 f.; vaṇṇa˚; singing the praises (of Vin.ii.197.

fr. vāda