1. a wave Ja.i.509; Mil.117 (jala˚), Mil.319 (˚puppha wave-flower fig.); Vism.63 (samudda˚); Dāvs iv.46; Dhs-a.116 Vism.143.
  2. interval, period of time (cp. “tide” time interval) Ja.v.271 (˚antara, in Avīci definition as “uninterrupted state of suffering”). In contrast pair avīci (adj.) uninterrupted, without an interval; savīci with periods, in defn of jarā at Vb-a.99 & Dhs-a.328, where; avīci means “not changing quickly,” and savīci “changing quickly.” Also in defn of sadā (continuously) as “avīci-santati” at Cnd.631. Cp. avīci.

cp. late Sk. vīci wave; Vedic vīci only in meaning “deceit”; perhaps connected with Lat. vicis Ags. wīce = E. week, lit. “change,” cp. tide