is the contracted prepositional combination vi + ati, representing an emphatic ati, e.g. in the foll.:

  • -(k)kama 1 going beyond, transgression, sin Vin.iii.112; Vin.iv.290; Ja.i.412; Ja.iv.376; Pp.21; Mil.380 Vism.11, Vism.17; Dhp-a.iv.3 2 going on, course (of time) Pv-a.137 (˚ena by and by; variant reading anukkamena)
  • -kiṇṇa sprinkled, speckled, gay with Ja.v.188.
  • -nāmeti to make pass (time), to spend the time, to live, pass wait Ja.iii.63, Ja.iii.381; Dhp-a.ii.57; Vv-a.158; Pv-a.12, Pv-a.21 Pv-a.47, Pv-a.76.
  • -patati to fly past, to flit by, to fly up & down Snp.688; AN.v.88 = Mil.392.
  • -missa mingled, mixed (with) MN.i.318; DN.iii.96; Ja.vi.151.
  • -vatta having passed or overcome, gone through; passed, spent SN.i.14, SN.i.145; SN.iii.225; SN.iv.52; AN.ii.44; Snp.6, Snp.395, Snp.796; Ja.i.374; Thag-a.170; Pv-a.21, Pv-a.55, Pv-a.83.
  • -sāreti DN.i.52, DN.i.90, DN.i.118, DN.i.152; Snp.419; cp. Mil.19; Ja.iv.98 (shortened to sārāṇīyaṃ vītisārimha; explained with sārayimha); Ja.v.264.
  • -haraṇa passing (mutually), carrying in between Ja.vi.355 (bhojanānaṃ).
  • -harati to associate with (at a meal) SN.i.162
  • -hāra, in pada˚; “taking over or exchange of steps,” a stride SN.i.211; AN.iv.429; Ja.vi.354. Same in BSk. e.g. Mvu.i.35; Mvu.iii.162.

fr. vi + ati sṛ; not with Childers fr. smṛ; cp. BSk. vyatisārayati to make pass (between), to exchange (greeting), to address, converse (kathaṃ), greet. Often in phrase sārāṇīyaṃ sammodanīyaṃ kathaṃ vītisāreti [for which BSk. sammodanīṃ saṃrañjanīṃ vividhāṃ kathāṃ vyatisārayati e.g. Avs.ii.140