restraint Pv-a.98 (+ niyama).

fr. yam


the ruler of the kingdom of the dead. See details in Dicty. of Names. In compounds often in general sense of “death” or “manes,” or “petā” e.g.

  • -dūta Death’s messenger Sdhp.287; cp. Yamassa dūtā Vv.52#2 (see Vv-a.224), or deva-dūta AN.i.138 (see under dūta), alias niraya-pāla AN.i.138 and passim
  • -purisa
  1. = ˚dūta Dhp.235 (cp. Dhp-a.iii.335); Vv-a.223
  2. ˚purisā Yama-people, i.e. Petas Pv.iv.3#8 (cp. Pv-a.251). -loka the yama-world or world of the Petas Dhp.44, Dhp.45; Pv-a.107 & freq.; -visaya = ˚loka Pv.ii.8#2 & passim.; -sādana Y’s kingdom, or the realm of the dead Ja.vi.267, Ja.vi.304; Ja.vi.457, Ja.vi.505.

Vedic Yama


masculine neuter (nt.) a pair, (m.) a twin Abhp.628. See der. yamaka.

Vedic yama = yama2; fr. yam in meaning “to combine,” cp. Av. yə̄ma twin, Mir. emuin id.