adjective having the character of being in accordance with (the truth or the occasion), real, true, just Iti.44 (santaṃ paṇītaṃ yathāvaṃ, nt.); Thag.188, Thag.422 (˚āloka-dassana seeing the real light); Mil.171 (˚lakkhaṇa true characteristics); Vism.588 (as yāthāvasarasa), Vism.639 (id.)
■ abl. yathāvato (also found as yāthāvato, probably more correctly, being felt as a der fr. yathā) according to fitness, fitfully, duly, truly sufficiently Pv-a.60 (so read for yathā vato), Pv-a.128 (all MSS. yāthāvato!); Thag-a.256 (yā˚; the expln given by Morris, J.P.T.S. 1889, 208 is not correct).

der. fr. yathā, as yathā + vant, after analogy of yāvant, but following the a-decl., cp. Epic Sk. yathāvat