adverb rel. adv. of place “where,” at which spot occasionally “at which time,” when; with verbs of motion = “whereto.”-DN.i.240 (whither); Snp.79, Snp.170 (here closely resembling yatra in meaning = “so that”), Snp.191, Snp.313, Snp.445, Snp.995, Snp.1037; Dhp.87, Dhp.127 (yattha ṭhita, cp Pv-a.104), Dhp.150, Dhp.171, Dhp.193, Pv-a.27
yattha vā tattha vā wherever (or whenever) Dhp-a.iv.162; similarly yattha yattha wherever (he likes) AN.ii.64. yattha kāmaṃ (cp. yathākāmaṃ in same meaning) where to one’s liking, i.e. wherever Dhp.35 (= yattha katthaci or yattha yattha icchati Dhp-a.i.295, Dhp-a.i.299), Dhp.326. Similarly we find yatth-icchakaṃ, almost identical (originally variant?) with yadicchakaṃ and yāvadicchakaṃ at Vism.154.

the regular P. form of Ved. yatra. See also P. yatra