adjective corresponding reciprocal, respective, in corresponding proportion, as far as concerned; lit. “whatever else.” The expression is peculiar to exegetical (logical) literature on the Abhidhamma. See e.g. Dhs-a.152 (yevāpanā, pl. and ˚kā); Vism.468, Vism.271 sq.; Vb-a.63, Vb-a.70 sq.; cp. Dhs trsl.1 p. 5 and introd. p. 56
Note. The expression occurring as phrase shows ye as nom. pl., e.g. Dhs.1 Dhs.58, Dhs.151–Dhs.161 & passim: ye vā pana tasmiṃ samaye aññe pi dhammā; but cp. in § 1: yaṃ yaṃ vā pan’ ārabbha, in same sense.

not connected with yeva, but an adj. formation from phrase ye vā pana; ye here standing (as Māgadhism) for yaṃ: cp. yebhuyya