1. the yoke of a carriage Ja.vi.38, Ja.vi.42 (= ratha-yuga).
  2. a measure of length as much as can be travelled with one yoke (of oxen) a distance of about 7 miles, which is given by Bdhgh as equal to 4 gāvutas (Dhp-a.ii.13). It occurs in descending scale of yojana-tigāvuta-usabha at Dhp-a.i.108. Dhp.60; Ja.v.37 (yojana-yojana-vitthatā each a mile square); Snp-a.194. More favoured combinations of yojana with numbers are the foll.:
    1/2 (aḍḍha˚): DN-a.i.35; Dhs-a.142.
    3: Dhp-a.ii.41.
    4: Pv-a.113.
    5: Vv-a.33
    15: Dhp-a.i.17; Ja.i.315; Pv-a.154.
    18: Ja.i.81, Ja.i.348
    20: Dhp-a.iv.112 (20 × 110, of a wilderness).
    25; Vv-a.236.
    45: Ja.i.147, Ja.i.348; Dhp-a.i.367.
    50: Vism.417.
    100: DN.i.117; Iti.91; Pv.i.10#14.
    500: Ja.i.204
    1,000: Ja.i.203
    ■ Cp. yojanika.

Vedic yojana