1. the womb.
  2. origin, way of birth, place of birth, realm of existence; nature, matrix There are four yonis or ways of being born or generation viz. aṇḍaja oviparous creation, jalābuja viviparous saṃsedaja moisture-sprung, opapātika spontaneous MN.i.73; DN.iii.230; Mil.146; Vism.552, Vism.557 sq.; cp Vb-a.203 sq
    ■ Freq. in foll. combinations: tiracchāna˚; the class of animals, the brute creation AN.i.37, AN.i.60; AN.v.269; Iti.92; Pv.iv.11#1; Vism.103, Vism.427; Pv-a.27, Pv-a.166; nāga˚ birth among the Nāgas SN.iii.240 sq. (in ref. to which the 4 kinds of birth, as mentioned above, are also applied) Vism.102 (niraya-nāga-yoni); pasu˚; = tiracchāna˚ Pv.ii.13#12; pisāca˚; world of the Pisācas SN.i.209; peta˚ the realm of the Petas Pv-a.68 (cp. peta)
    kamma˚ K. as origin AN.iii.186
    ■ yoni upaparikkhitabba (= kiṃjātikā etc.) SN.iii.42
    ayoni unclean origin Thag.219
  3. thoroughness, knowledge, insight Ne.40
    ayoni superficiality in thought SN.i.203 (“muddled ways Mrs. Rh. D.)
    yoniso (abl.) “down to its origin or foundation,” i.e. thoroughly, orderly, wisely, properly judiciously SN.i.203 (“in ordered governance” K.S. i.259); DN.i.118 (wisely); Iti.30 (āraddha āsavānaṃ khayāya); Pp.25; Vism.30, Vism.132, Vism.599; Pp-a.31. Opp ayoniso disorderly improperly Pp.21; Dhp-a.i.327; Pv-a.113, Pv-a.278
    ■ Esp. frequent in phrase yoniso manasikāra “fixing one’s attention with a purpose or thoroughly,” proper attention, “having thorough method in one’s thought” (K.S. i.259) Pts.i.85 sq.; Iti.9; Ja.i.116; Mil.32; Ne.8, Ne.40, Ne.50, Ne.127; Vism.132; Pv-a.63. See also manasikāra
    ■ Opp. ayoniso manasikāra disorderly or distracted attention DN.iii.273; Vb-a.148 Thag-a.79. In BSk. the same phrase: yoniśo manasikāraḥ Divy.488; Avs.i.122; Avs.ii.112 (Speyer: “the right & true insight, as the object of consideration really is”). See further on term Dial. iii.218 (“systematized attention”); K.S. i.131; ii.6 (“radical grasp”).
  • -ja born from the womb Snp.620; Dhp.396.
  • -pamukha principal sort of birth DN.i.54; MN.i.517.

Vedic yoni