war, battle, fight DN.i.6 (daṇḍa˚ fighting with sticks or weapons); Ja.iii.541 (id.) Snp.442 (dat. yuddhāya); Ja.vi.222; Mil.245 (kilesa˚ as pp.: one who fights sin); Mhvs.10, Mhvs.45 (˚atthaṃ for the sake of fighting); Mhvs.10, Mhvs.69 (yuddhāya in order to fight), Mhvs.25, Mhvs.52 (yuddhāy’ āgata); Mhvs.32, Mhvs.12 (yuddhaṃ yujjhati), Mhvs.32, Mhvs.13 (maccu˚ fight with death); Mhvs.33, Mhvs.42; Dhp-a.ii.154 (malla˚ fist-fight)
■ The form yudhāya at Snp.831 is to be taken as (archaic) dat. of Vedic yudh (f.), used in sense of an inf. & equal to yuddhāya. Mnd.172 explains as “yuddh’ atthāya.”

  • -kāla time for the battle Mhvs.10, Mhvs.63.
  • -ṭṭha eṅgaged in war SN.i.100 (so read for ˚ttha).
  • -maṇḍala fightingring arena Ja.iv.81; Vism.190; Vb-a.356 (in comparison).

orig. pp. of yujjhati; cp. Vedic yuddha (pp.) and yudh (f.) the fight