1. (lit.) yoked, harnessed (to loc.) Pv.i.11#4 (catubbhi yutta ratha); Mhvs.35, Mhvs.42 (goṇā rathe yattā); Dhp-a.i.24 (dhure yuttā balivaddā)
  2. coupled; connected with; (applied) devoted to, applied to, given to, engaged in (-˚, instr. or loc.) Snp.820 (methune), Snp.863 (macchiriya˚), Snp.1144 (tena, cp. Cnd.532); Iti.93 (Buddha-sāsane); Ja.vi.206 (yoga˚).
  3. furnished; fixed, prepared, in order, ready Snp.442 (Māra = uyyutta Snp-a.392); Pv-a.53.
  4. able, fit (to or for = inf.), suitable, sufficient Snp.826 (cp. Mnd.164) Ja.v.219; DN-a.i.141 (dassituṃ yutta = dassanīya); Vv-a.191 (= alaṃ); Pv-a.74.
  5. proper, right Pv-a.159
  6. due to (-˚, with a grd., apparently superfluous Ja.iii.208 (āsankitabba˚); cp. yuttaka.
  7. (nt.) conjunction i.e. of the moon with one or other constellation Vin.ii.217

ayutta not fit, not right, improper Pv-a.6 (perhaps delete), Pv-a.64
suyutta well fit, right proper, opp. duyutta unbefitting, in phrase suyuttaṃ duyuttaṃ ācikkhati Ja.i.296 (here perhaps for dur-utta?) du˚ also lit. “badly fixed, not in proper condition, in a bad state” at Ja.iv.245 (of a gate).

  • -kāra acting properly Pv-a.66.
  • -kārin acting rightly Mil.49.
  • -paṭibhāṇa knowledge of fitness Pp.42 (cp Pp-a 223).
  • -payutta intent on etc. Pv-a.150.
  • -rūpa one who is able or fit (to = inf.) Ja.i.64.
  • -vāha justified Vv-a.15.

pp. of yuñjati; Vedic yukta, cp. Lat. junctus, Gr. ζευκτός, Lith. jùnktas