“fitting,” i.e.

  1. application, use Mil.3 (opamma˚).
  2. fitness vāda˚, Kv-a.37; in instr. yuttiyā in accordance with Mhvs.10, Mhvs.66 (vacana˚); Sdhp.340 (sutti˚); and abl yuttito Sdhp.505.
  3. (logical) fitness, right construction, correctness of meaning; one of the 16 categories (hārā), applied to the exposition of texts, enumerated in the 1st section of the Netti; e.g. at Ne.1–Ne.3, Ne.103; Kp-a.18; Snp-a.551, Snp-a.552. Thus abl. yuttito by way of correctness or fitness (contrasted to suttato) Vb-a.173 = Vism.562; and yutti-vasena by means of correctness (of meaning) Snp-a.103 (contrasted to anussava).
  4. trick device, practice Ja.vi.215.
  • -kata combined with; (nt.) union, alloy Vv-a.13.

cp. Vedic yukti connection, fr. yuj